Valid’s work in DRC has included:

  • SQUEAC Evaluation
  • Reviewed Supplementary Feeding Programmes in-country
  • Established Nutrition Reinforcement Programme with a view to rolling out CTC across the country
  • Evaluated existing nutrition programmes
  • Conducted a Centric Systematic Area Sample (CSAS) coverage survey of Community-based Therapeutic Care (CTC) programmed
  • Implemented a transition from a conventional therapeutic feeding programme to the Community-based Therapeutic Care (CTC) model
  • Supported in rolling out Community-based Therapeutic Care (CTC)


Valid’s main partners were Action against Hunger (USA), COOPI (Cooperazione Internazionale), Concern Worldwide, Ministry of Health, UNICEF, WFP World Vision, the Catholic University of Bukavu


Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo