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Valid International was founded in 1999 as a means to bring about change in humanitarian practice. Since then, Valid has worked with like-minded individuals and organisations to improve the delivery of humanitarian and development assistance. Through operational research and the development and implementation of evidence-based approaches, Valid International is committed to increasing the impact of humanitarian action.

Valid provides specialised advisers to support programme implementation, evaluate programme impact and research humanitarian and development techniques. Our team of international experts can provide you with:
New ALNAP study co-authored by Valid International
Valid International has co-authored a new ALNAP Study Using Evaluation for a Change: Insights from humanitarian practitioners. This study is the result of a two-year consultation and peer-to-peer exchange with ALNAP Members, and of an extensive literature review. It presents a simple framework on strengthening humanitarian evaluation capacities, which we hope will allow individuals, teams and organisations to structure a debate around the many factors that have an impact on humanitarian agencies’ ability to commission, conduct, and utilise evaluations in a more effective way. The issues covered range from promoting an evaluation culture and re-branding evaluation, to strengthening pre-evaluation processes and increase the demand for evaluative information. Featuring untold evaluation stories and practical insights that usually do not find space in more formal evaluation products, the study is an attempt to help overcoming barriers to a more effective use of evaluation, as one of the keys to strengthen learning and change in humanitarian practice. This study is made available in an interactive PDF format. Please also note that every item in the study’s bibliography has been linked to ALNAP’s resource library. If you are an ALNAP Full Member and would like us to present this study to your organisation, please get in touch at eha@alnap.org.
1. Technical assistance in all aspects of CTC/CMAM and emergency nutrition programme implementation. This includes advice and assistance in planning, training, set up, management, monitoring and evaluation of CTC/CMAM programmes.
2. Training and mentoring to help build the capacity of local staff and partners
3. Monitoring and Evaluation support
at project, agency and
intra-agency levels to provide practical and realistic recommendations that can improve the delivery of humanitarian aid
4. Developing community mobilisation strategies based on local strengths and opportunities
5. Needs assessments, emergency preparedness and response development
6. Programme evaluation and
re-alignment through collaboration, to develop operational research and evaluation capacity, facilitate agency learning and develop our partners’ academic capacity and profile