Dr Steve Collins (MBE, MD, DSc(hc), MBBS) – Founder and Executive Director

Steve is the Executive Director of Valid International Ltd. He is a medical doctor with a doctorate in nutrition and has worked in aid and development since 1985. In 1998, he developed the Community based Therapeutic Care model – subsequently called CMAM – that has since been adopted in over 60 countries worldwide. In 2001, he received an MBE for his services to humanitarianism for his work into adult malnutrition. He is a respected academic, is widely published in many major international journals, including Nature Medicine and The Lancet, is a visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Child Health in London and holds an honorary doctorate from Long Island University in the US. In 2010, Steve was elected a Senior Fellow of ASHOKA.

Our Consultants:

Valid works with a large pool of consultants several of whom have been supporting our technical, research and measures projects over many years. They cover a wide range of specialization including international public health and nutrition, medicine, anthropology, epidemiology and statistics. If you are interested in Valid’s work and would like to join our consultant pool please visit our Careers page