Valid’s work in Angola consists of

  • Evaluation of the Implementation of CMAM
  • Review of National Protocols for the treat... Read More


Valid’s work in Bangladesh has included:

  • Review of the status of nutritional rehabilitation activities and support the roll-out of Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in-country.
  • Establishing a... Read More


Valid’s work in Benin has included:

  • Nutritional, Retrospective Mortality and Morbidity and Vaccination Coverage Survey in Atacora Department, Northern Benin
  • Evaluation workshop to assess the ongoing vaccination programme<... Read More


In Botswana, Valid has supported UNICEF to:

  • Establish and implement CMAM guidelines and a corresponding training manual

Burkina Faso

Valid’s work in Burkina Faso has included:

  • Reports on Social Mobilization - CMAM Scale Up
  • Implementation of a full set up of a CTC programme... Read More


In Burundi, Valid has worked on operations that include:

  • A Centric Systematic Area Sample (CSAS) coverage survey of a nutrition programme
  • Setting-up and implementing a Community-based Therapeutic Care (CTC)
  • Evalu... Read More


Together with UNICEF, Valid has established Guidelines for the Management of Acute Malnutrition.


Valid’s work in Chad has included:

  • The promotion of Social Development to improve community mobilisation in support of existing CMAM programmes
  • Read More


Valid’s work in Djibouti has included:

  • Setting up and implementing a Community-based Therapeutic Care (CTC) programme
  • SQUEAC Evaluation
  UNICEF was Valid’s main partner in Djibouti.